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Stay healthy and save money with us: Viagra - Pharmacy! DISCOUNT CODE: 5OFF. Reorder discounts. Free samples. Discrete packaging! Write in this thread , if anyone has the desire, the sensations after reception Viagra pills. First time probably Viagra last year.Here is my report the first experience of using smile

On the question of why take viagra answer, I have everything in order. Of course, I'm not a sexual Superman, but at least women don't legality. And while there is no decline in sexual activity by age was not observed. I'm 41 years old. Used viagra, potomuchto wanted to impress a new girlfriend, and myself, hotels to try that thing was. Was a bit drunk, a glass of champagne and 150 gram of cognac. Snacks really, symbolically. It I ktomu that Viagra pretty quickly start to act. Took 15 minutes, and there was some dryness in the nose.

So, in principle, a little bit. much discomfort to no avail. Then somewhere after about ten minutes, to feel that cock almost gets himself. Never before did not have that feeling, like I feel there is some sort of a spring, another force, and it snaps instantly. Went to bed, I looked, I thought, or in fact, it became thicker. The sex was weird, hard to say, I felt like Superman in a porno movie, I knew I felt fast won't cut it, and there was some sense of control over situatsiia.

Now I'm used to it, you know what this is due to a small loss of sensitivity of the penis. There est part of what aesthetic? I do not know. After the end of the first act, he was a little flying at half-mast, almost it was possible to continue what I do sometimes. But then I decided that all this, and no, literally in minutes, over the instep, and a sizeable boner again. I usually have without the Viagra that happens in different ways, depending on the partner, and my physical condition. But the average of twenty minutes to 1 hour. And so two more times I got up.


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In short, the results of the experiment were such. Thing need adopting. If you simplify all of the senses, we can say so. Viagra tablet, this is a time machine, returns in power potency back in time, like, back in grade 10 to go, the same riser.Remember the state, when desire meets opportunity.

Men, the enemy does not want. Always looked with regret on someone at the pharmacy with the condoms bought blue pills, and I joined the ranks of "losers".All life has stopped I Slept the night with this idea, or rather with the fact and think it's okay to take off work a few days with friends, this and that and everything will be beam. Calmed down, waiting for the weekend as manna from heaven , but it was not there ..the other leg broke. Not the leg he broke, and my whole sexual life.

Nothing to do, you will not have to constantly make excuses. citing fatigue, he gathered all his will in a fist, froze in the pharmacy for Viagra. Before pharmacy took a deep breath, walked in, bought it, went out, exhaled. All the floor done, now we need to drink so that no one has seen even the packaging in the bin, codified as Stirlitz.

Well what can I say, thanks to science, did not disappoint. Any significant numbness does not go to any comparison with what I had heard in bed and I had Breakfast. And most importantly, what I realized and decided for themselves that the science works for us, so why not use it and not have fun?